Where to Go When You Visit Brighton & Hove

If you are planning to visit the United Kingdom, you need to ensure that you add Brighton and Hove on your list of cities to visit in the UK. The reason simply being that Brighton and Hove is a must-see city in the UK which is an emblem of British history. Below, we share with all prospective visitors to Brighton and Hove the top places that they ought to visit when they are in this great East Sussex city. Just so you know, Brighton and Hove is a very liberal city with a vibrant LGBTQ community. In addition, Brighton and Hove allow online gambling and if you find yourself in this great city, you can partake in online gambling at UK online casinos such as NetBet.

Brighton Palace Pier

The Brighton Palace Pier is the main attraction in Brighton and Hove. Built in the 1890s, the palace has managed to stand strong despite going through some difficult ‘moments’. The palace survived numerous storms (even during its construction years), and two world wars. Today, visitors to Brighton and Hove visit the Brighton Palace Pier to see one of the oldest buildings in the UK and beyond. Inside, visitors can partake in chippy van joyrides, fairground rides as well as enjoy some traditional arcade games.

The Lanes

Remember we have already told you that Brighton and Hove is one of the oldest locations in the UK. Well, in order to see for yourself just how old this city is, you have to visit The Lanes and take a walk along the narrow streets of The Lanes. As you walk along these narrow streets, you get to appreciate 16th-century architecture. Apart from mesmerizing your eyes with 16th-century structures, you can also enter any one of the numerous art studios, bookstores, vintage emporiums, record shops and independent cafes found inside The Lanes.

Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion was designed by John Nash in the early 19th century based on Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture. The Royal Pavilion will make one think of India as its design is more or less the same as the royal temples located along the banks of the Yamuna in India. Originally built for the Prince of Wales, George, the Royal Pavilion has now been turned into a tourist attraction where visitors get to see and appreciate the brilliance of John Nash’s architecture. There is also an art gallery inside the Royal Pavilion where visitors can buy some souvenirs in the art form.

Sea Life Centre

As one of the oldest cities in the UK, Brighton and Hove also houses the oldest aquarium in the world i.e. the Sea Life Centre. The Sea Life Centre was built in 1872 and it still stands strong to this day. Designed in Victorian architecture with great gothic arches, visitors to this wonderful aquarium can get to see stunning fish displays. There is also a rock pool inside the Sea Life Centre where visitors can touch sea anemone or even starfish!

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