FIRE stands for financial independence, retire early.

Why is Brighton a hotspot for the FIRE movement?

Most people must spend many years of their lives working. This is just a necessity, and it is how society has developed. We need to work to pay bills and afford to live and it isn’t something we can escape.

However, there are ways to shorten our time working so that we can enjoy life to the maximum and one such method is seen in the FIRE movement. This is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle and Brighton appears to be a location that people want to settle down in once they have retired.

In this article, we look at the FIRE movement, including what it is, and what makes Brighton a popular location for people who choose this lifestyle.

What is the FIRE movement?

FIRE stands for financial independence, retire early.

That is in essence the FIRE movement. It is the premise of working and saving hard in your early life so that you can retire much earlier than the typical retirement age in the UK of 65+.

Many people simply aren’t satisfied with the idea of working virtually their entire life to retire over the age of 65 and enjoy maybe only 15-20 years of retirement. They want more, so they push harder and save more during their early employment to have more “golden years” after.

Most people will save between 10-20% of their salary and build up a steady amount of savings through their pension and investments in things like forex pairs, ISAs, stocks and shares. People wanting the FIRE lifestyle will put much more into their savings, even as much as 70%.

This might mean that they need to live frugally and work longer hours, but the point is that this is for a much shorter period and that the hard work and savings will pay off and allow them a much longer and blissful retirement at a much earlier age.

Why is Brighton a prime location for early retirement?

So, what makes Brighton such a great potential location to settle down and live out your well-earned early retirement? There are several potential reasons, including the location, property market and atmosphere of this southern coastal town.

Beautiful coastal location

The most obvious reason is the prime coastal location and the fact that Brighton has fantastic beaches and is surrounded by some superb coastal towns and destinations.

If you enjoy the seaside, then this is a brilliant place to be and due to its location on the southern coast of England, temperatures do tend to be a little warmer too. You have some fantastic destinations surrounding Brighton, such as Hastings, Eastbourne and Bognor Regis, that all make for great day trips too.

Distance from London

If you lived and worked in London, then Brighton has excellent transport links too. You can use the Thameslink train and it is possible to get from Brighton to London in around an hour, which is pretty good considering the physical distance.

This means that if you have family in London or the surrounding area, you can still visit them regularly without too much effort and avoid feeling disconnected. It also means that although you are opting for a quieter life by the sea, you can still go back to the bright lights and attractions of the city if you want.

Plenty of houses and apartments to buy or rent

Brighton has plenty of houses and apartments to rent or buy too, so it is relatively easy to find somewhere to settle down. Admittedly, property prices have increased here in recent years as the appeal of the place has risen.

Those who are living the FIRE lifestyle and working in London should easily be able to afford property here. Due to the popularity of the place, any property that you do invest in should hold its value well too.

Relaxed atmosphere and plenty of amenities

Lastly, Brighton itself is just a nice place with plenty to see and do. There are some fantastic swimming locations, the huge pier, various museums and art galleries, and plenty of restaurants and bars. It’s an growing town with excellent transport links too, so what’s not to love?

Could you attain financial independence and settle down to retire in Brighton?

The FIRE lifestyle is the dream for many, and Brighton could be the ideal location to make this happen. Who wouldn’t want to settle down and live out their retirement in this gorgeous seaside town on the amazing southern coast of England?

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