Why Non-Gamers Should Be on Twitch

Why Non-Gamers Should Be on Twitch

If you are not a gamer, Twitch is probably not high on your list of online services to promote yourself, and your talents, and just to chat with others who share your interests. But this is gradually changing.

Launched in 2011, Twitch was subsequently purchased by Amazon in 2014 as an additional live streaming service, primarily for gamers and esports competitions. 

Since that time, it has expanded to include live-streaming content related to artwork, food, music, and even talk shows. If you want to expand beyond YouTube to promote yourself, Twitch is a good choice. Today, in fact, there are over 140 million daily users, and that’s a pretty large group to target with your live streams.

How Do You Live-Stream on Twitch?

Setting up an account on Twitch is the same as any other social media platform. To begin live-streaming you will obviously need gear. If you have engaged in live streaming before, you’ll have this, as well as streaming software. 

Then it’s only a matter of linking your stuff to your Twitch account via a stream key. But if you have an Xbox or PlayStation you can stream. You only sign into your Twitch account in the console app and use the sharing menu to start your stream.

How Do You Get Followers?

Suppose you are an artist. You have decided that you want to livestream some lessons to get some more followers and maybe sell some of your works by providing links to your website. 

Probably the most effective way is to cross-market across your other social media accounts. Drive current followers to your Twitch account, especially now that you are offering lessons.

Market your Twitch live streams on your website.

If you are single, join an online dating service such as the Hily app, connect with other artists or lovers of art, and experience the diversity of a large community. You can promote your live-stream lessons while you meet new friends and gain followers.

Find an influencer who will promote your live-stream lessons. This may take some time, but look for those who are into art, follow them, engage in discussions, and develop a relationship. Ultimately, you can ask this person to view some of your live streams and recommend them to their followers.

Follow the social media accounts of those who share your passion for art. Participate in discussions and ultimately promote your lessons on Twitch.

Monetizing Your Twitch Livestream Account

Once you begin to live stream, you do have to accept ads – that’s how Twitch keeps its use free. You can purchase a premium subscription to take those out if you choose.

But these ads don’t make you any money. That you make by becoming an affiliate or a partner. 

You can read the detailed requirements on Twitch, but you must have a minimum of 50 followers and meet minimum streaming hours per week. Once you reach this point, you can then accept paid ads and receive a percentage of the revenue.

Can You Support Yourself from Your Monetized Account?

It’s possible but not probable. The best advice is don’t count on it. Consider your affiliation or partnership as just one income stream while you pursue others.

There is a Twitch App Too

Twitch does have an app available on lots of platforms – Android, Apple TV, iPhone & iPad, Xbox, PlayStation, Chromecast, and more. Most of what you can do on the Twitch website, you can also do on the app. And some versions will allow you to go live with your streams.

Twitch is Growing – Grow with It

While gaming and esports competitions obviously have a “corner on the Twitch market,” Amazon has broader plans for the platform. It would be a good idea to hop on board now.

And if you’re looking for online dating with the same live streaming feature as in Twitch, go for Hily! This online dating platform will make Twitch fans happy.

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