Why you should choose Concrete Flooring for your Commercial Space

Whether you are considering using a concrete flooring solution for the interior of your commercial project or its external space, it’s worth weighing up the benefits.

Concrete has been a common option for commercial flooring for a long period of time, becoming a highly desired choice for retail, hospitality, and office spaces. Many offices around the country are constantly making the switch to concrete from carpet, laminates and vinyl.

This is mainly due to its ability to provide a high-quality durable finish, along with being flexible for going through enhancements later down the line.

Concrete flooring in commercial spaces tends to give that modern, urban aesthetic which can easily contrast with any metals and woods – not to mention working well with an array of colours.

For many offices and commercial units, you will find polished concrete floor panels are on the most popular options. They can be laid on virtually any existing floors, ready to install straight from the box. Here are a few reasons why concrete flooring a great option for your commercial space:

It is incredibly durable

Once concrete floor panels have been installed, they instantly offer one of the most durable flooring surfaces. Along with being strong and sturdy, concrete panels actually deliver that soft underfoot texture too, so it doesn’t feel hard or harsh to walk on.

On top of this, concrete floor panels are environmentally friendly, with the added benefit of being fire, slip, and water resistant. The flat surface makes them easy to clean, and you can choose from several colours too.

You can find out much more about the types of concrete flooring and its uses over on this website.

Thermal properties

Another key consideration for using this type of flooring across any commercial spaces is that it has super-efficient thermal properties. This type of flooring stores any passive heat during the winter, so that it doesn’t feel ice cold to touch. It’s also an effective flooring solution to work together with modern under-floor heating systems.

Attractive and functional

One of the best functional uses for having concrete flooring in commercial spaces is that they are easy to keep clean. Whether it is an office, retail or restaurant you are looking to floor, the ability to keep it clean is vital. With concrete flooring, a simple dust mop is easy to use.

You’ll find that this type of flooring pretty much always looks great, too. They can be customised in a range of colours and finishes, ensuring the floor solution is always attractive. A popular finish that offices tend to use is a polished concrete, giving that glossy, high-shine look.

Ease of installation

One of the main benefits many commercial units turn to this flooring solution is due to the ease of installation. They can be installed quickly, in as little time as an overnight installation so that normal business hours aren’t disrupted.

What tends to happen is that the existing flooring in an office building will be removed, making use of the existing concrete underneath as the base. Then, the flooring specialist will grind the surface to give it a fresh new finish and apply panels or slabs in the colour of your choice.

A specialist will be able to assess quickly the condition of the concrete beneath your existing flooring. If it is in a very bad condition, this is where concrete overlays can be directly applied.

Furthermore, by choosing a concrete floor for your commercial building, it can help make your office follow the sustainable route. This and the reasons highlighted above are just some of the many examples as to why concrete flooring is so highly recommended for commercial space.

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