Wildfire Adventure Camp Returns For 2017

Those of you who have been to festivals will recognise the need for entertainment during the day. While plenty of attention is given to headline acts and many people are happy to dance the night away, opportunities are rare for revellers looking for something fulfilling to occupy their daytime. But now if you need just a little bit more from a festival, you should check out Wildfire Adventure Camp.

Winner of AIF Best New Festival Award 2015 and UK Festival Award’s Best Small Festival in 2016, Camp Wildfire is a bustling adventure space seeking to inspire inquisitive, intrepid adults. Curated by the award-winning team behind LeeFest, a beautiful forest will be transformed with secret parties, exciting bands and artists, campfires, and night time adventures. “We were very lucky to stumble across such an incredible and historic place, says Co-Founder, Julia Lowe. “It is filled with a bizarre concoction of trees, collected from around the world: there’s even an old Canadian Redwood, and there’s a lake and an old quarry: it’s magical and allows people to really have a lot of mini adventures in a very wild landscape.”

wildfire Adventure Camp 3The idea for the event goes back to a tipsy weekend ramble with fellow founder Lee Denny. “We came across a derelict site of what we thought might be an old adventure camp. There were the rotten ruins of signposts, and the foundations where a climbing wall once might have stood. Finding abandoned spaces is amazing, and our imaginations ran away with themselves. As adults, we barely get to go on adventures like when we were young; Lee and I wanted to change that, so we made Wildfire Adventure Camp.”

Like many of us, Lowe went out into the countryside as a child, but took it for granted at the time. “I have so many bizarre and wonderful memories of running around in chalk pits, deep in the forest, building ‘bases’ and trying to make zip wires.” In attempt to help everyone reengage with the child inside them, they’ve created over 80 activities across six different categories. As an official 2017 camper, you will enrol in up to 10 activities across the weekend choosing from themes of bush-craft, expeditions, artistry, adventure sports, science and engineering, and music. Come nightfall, adventurers are rewarded for all their hard work by attending a spectacular party.

You can indulge in more mainstream activities like art classes, escape room puzzles, yoga and mindfulness sessions, but there’ll also be sessions which you’d never considered. High wire work, bee keeping, axe-throwing, primitive tanning, foraging, circus skills, pioneering, mask making, bush-craft, nipple tassel making, astronomy, weaving, wood-working, sword skills and screen printing comprise a tiny selection of the activities on offer, as well as a Cupid’s Club, which helps like-minded singles meet up. The weekend ensures that you can step out of an ordinary life and try something amazing.

This is another world, where you can find a colourful concoction of different eras, styles, and theatre. The festival will help you escape and rediscover a child-like wonder. “Everyone is competing in Patrols, much like you might have done at school sports day, and battling to take reign of the Wildfire Cup.” Participants will collect ‘patrol points’ and an array of merit badges as they adventure; find hidden secrets, and discover new friends. 

Deep in the forest there’s a secret camp of bygone days waiting for you. This ‘adults only’ event has an abundance of adventures to fill a magical summer weekend. By day, a place of challenges and inspiration, by night a party like no other.

Wildfire comes a secret location near Sevenoaks, Kent, on Fri 16 Jun – Sun 18 June


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