WIN! A set of three Gamely card games

Are these cold months leaving you stuck for fun? Boredom will be a thing of the past with Gamely card games. Sketch, shout and stretch the truth to find your way to victory with Randomise, Soundiculous and The Pretender.

Soundiculous will challenge you to embody a didgeridoo (and other amusing sounds) when playing alongside friends and family. Draw, act or describe hilarious identities such as “a ticklish unicorn breakdancing” with Randomise. Meanwhile The Pretender is a family friendly game that will allow you to deceive your way to victory in the funniest ways possible.

Gamely games was set up by Hazel Reynolds from her desire to connect with her younger sister, they stumbled across an old family game and Gamely was born. Now Gamely are on a mission to help people spend more quality time together through the medium of simple to pick up card games.

For the chance to win all three Gamely games, answer the following question...

Q. Which classic board game has a Brighton & Hove edition?

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