Nadarra Cosmetics


Tired of skin care that isn’t very caring? Then we’ve got just the thing for you. Nadarra (named for the Celtic word for ‘natural’) is a high quality organic cosmetics company founded by osteopath Margaret Sinclair in 2017. Irritated by harsh chemicals, preservatives and other filler ingredients, Margaret decided to apply her knowledge to making her own skincare products. Initially a hit with her family and friends, Nadarra has grown to be an authentic natural and cruelty free brand, with each product made with love.

Nadarra is very kindly giving away a box of goodies to BN1 readers, which includes:

Sweet Orange Frankincense and Jojoba Facial Oil
Sweet Orange Frankincense and Argan Facial Oil
Orange Organic Lip Balm
Sweet Orange and Frankincense Body Butter

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