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We’ve teamed up with Best Online Casino to offer you a few of our favourite tips on how to enjoy a summer in Brighton, come rain or shine, whether you’ve got a decent budget or none at all.

What are the best budget-friendly ways to enjoy Brighton?

Brighton Palace Pier

One of the things that Brighton is most famous for is it’s pier – and it’s near impossible to miss.. Try out some award-winning fish and chips, or spend an afternoon playing the slots, riding the dodgems and gorging yourself on ice cream and candyfloss.

Try the local ice cream

We’ve got more ice cream parlours than we know what to do with here in Brighton. Marroccos is one of the oldest ice cream shops, serving up scoops since 1969, while the amazing Boho Gelato has more than 300 flavours – vegan-friendly included, of course.

Royal Pavilion

Possibly Brighton’s most distinctive icon, built between 1787 and 1823 this iconic oriental palace is as striking on the inside as it is out. Take a tour around the breathtaking interior, or sun yourself on the lawns beside a fantastic view, a stone’s throw from endless pubs packed with personality and all the cute treasure-trove vintage shops you could ever want.

Devil’s Dyke

Take a breezy trip on the open-top 77 bus up to Devil’s Dyke for some gorgeous scenery of the South Downs National Park. With its idyllic views, Devil’s Dyke is the perfect spot for a dog walk or a picnic, and on a clear day the sky will be full of hang-gliders. While you’re there, why not go for a pint or two at the Devil’s Dyke pub?

How about if you fancy splashing a bit more cash?

Brighton Sea Life Centre

Explore what life is like under the ocean at the world’s oldest operating aquarium. There are over 3,500 creatures that call Sea Life Brighton home, including tropical sharks, rays, octopuses and turtles are on show, and you can even tickle a starfish in the interactive rock pool. Walk through the amazing 360 degree ocean tunnel and jump on the glass-bottomed boat for great views of the turtles and reef fish.

Yellowave Beach Volleyball

Hire a court at this amazing permanent beach club on Madeira Drive, just on your way to Concorde 2. You and up to 12 friends can challenge each other for sun-soaked beach supremacy all day until the sun goes down.

The Duke of York’s Picturehouse

As one of the oldest cinemas in the UK, The Duke of York’s first opened in 1910 and has been in use ever since. This Grade II listed building hosts Brighton’s film festival each year as well as a number of fantastic foreign films and other more well-known titles too.

British Airways i360

Rise high above the city and view Brighton & Hove from a totally new perspective in the world’s tallest moving observation tower, with its glossy glass viewing platform that glides 138 metres above the Sussex coastline. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see out towards the Downs and Beachy Head – and maybe even the Isle of Wight, if you’re particularly lucky.

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