World’s Oldest Sea Turtle ‘Lulu’ Immortalised In Steel

The 75-year-old sea turtle at Brighton Sea Life Centre is being immortalised in steel, with two sculptures created by Brighton artist Piers Mason.

On average, a wild sea turtle can live between 80 years and 100 years however at 75 years, Lulu is the oldest green sea turtle in captivity. Staff at the Sea Life Centre have commented on the steel sculptures, impressed by how realistic each looks. Curator Carey Duckhouse commented: “They may be static, but the two different poses truly convey the grace of Lulu’s swimming, and the dark glassy eyes really bring them to life.”

Brighton Sea Life Centre will also be welcoming Jurassic Seas on Friday 13th February, a state-of-the-art technology tanks giving visitors the opportunity to interact with three digital aquatic dinosaurs.

For more information about Lulu and Jurassic Seas visit

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