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Worst Tech Products of All Time

Technology has managed to bring about a lot of changes in our lives. In fact, our lives have changed a lot in the fact that you don’t have to do so much more. This is because there are tech products to help us along the way.

Take, for instance, where you had to drive all the way to a casino in order to play your favourite game, now you can simply use your computer or mobile device to play at best online casinos.

However, not all of the tech products that have been introduced been successful. In fact, some of them have failed terribly. In this article, we share with you some of the worst tech products of all time.

1. Clippy

Technology companies have been creating personal assistants for some time now. This is one of the personal assistants that were released onto the market by Clippit. Its purpose was to help Microsoft users with completing daily tasks, and it was available on Windows 98.

However, things did not go as planned as many users rejected this personal assistant for being intrusive and annoying. Therefore, it didn’t last long enough to see the light of day.

2. Google Glass

At first, people thought that this was a really great idea, but it was soon ditched. Google decided to introduce this wearable computer in the form of eyeglasses. Where you can play your online blackjack without worrying

The device was created to allow users to have a hands-free smartphone that allowed them to browse the internet, offer maps and calendars, as well as other functions.

Soon, a lot of users concluded that it was impractical for you to have a tiny computer screen on your eyes as you walk around.

3. Windows Vista

This is probably the worst operating system ever made and it’s really baffling to think that Microsoft took 6 years to develop this operating system.

The OS came with a lot of compatibility issues and many of the bugs. This saw a lot of people simply downgrading to the previous operating system.

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