Worthing Theatres Spring Wreath Making

Worthing Museum are dedicated to bringing accessible workshops and exhibitions to the local community

There are a number of workshops coming up this season, from learning how to Weave a Willow Hare to Spring Wreath Making. There is also a fantastic range of children’s workshops during the Easter Holidays, including April Fools Crafty Fun, Springy Greeting Card, Building a Natural History Museum, Nesting Box and Bird Feeders, and Bean Mosaic. 

For the adults, they’ve got a variety of Learn to Dance with Flavia classes and talks on Camden Town in the Collection and A Brief History of Modern Art.

Worthing Museum Education Officer, Anna Twinam-Cauchi, encapsulates her role at the Museum.

Tell us a bit about what you do at the Museum

My role in the Museum is as a Museum Education Officer.  I communicate with schools of all shapes and sizes, community groups and run Creative Workshops during school holidays.

What’s your favourite part?

My favourite part… that’s tricky… All of it?! I do particularly love discovering something new in the collections to tell the kids who visit.  

Which workshop are you most excited for?

I enjoy teaching prehistory units with mini archaeological digs, and I love telling kids about Worthing’s story. Creative workshops are always great fun. I get particularly excited running creative making workshops.

What’s in store at the Museum this year?

This year we have a lovely mix of creative making workshops during the spring holidays, and this summer we have a textile theme so the workshops will reflect this, with upcycling outfits, fashion drawing, and for the adults, still life drawing historic dresses in the collection.

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