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Worthing Theatres and Museum celebrate Ukranian artists across West Sussex

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Worthing Theatres and Museum have unveiled a new exhibition celebrating the diverse creativity of Ukrainian refugees in West Sussex. It is created in conjunction with the Worthing Ukrainian Friends’ Network. The exhibition will be on display at the Museum’s Studio Gallery until Sun 11 Feb 2024.

It has been a year since Ukrainians started coming to British shores in search of safety and opportunities to rebuild their lives. Accompanying them was a wealth of creativity, which greatly enhances the local community. A group of artists, with differing styles, mediums and backgrounds, will represent the best Ukraine has to offer.

This is a celebration of the nation’s rich and diverse cultural contribution to European culture over more than a thousand years.

Elenora Medwell

There will be a free Ukrainian Culture Day at the museum on Sat 25 Nov. Supported by The Worthing Lions, this will offer an insight into Ukrainian traditions, arts and crafts. There will be the opportunity to meet some of the artists, free workshops and a short film about Borsch. After this choirs, Kolo and Ukrainian Voices will perform. Plus, there will be a variety of activities which relate to Ukrainian cultural traditions.

“As artists, we are grateful for the opportunity to show the local community the heritage and diversity of Ukrainian art and culture,” said exhibition organiser, Yaroslava Matvieienko. “Every one of us is now a cultural diplomat. We aim our mission of delivering our culture and art to the world to be successful.”

Worthing Ukrainian Friends’ Network was set up in April 2022 by local activist and philanthropist Mike Tyler. He also had the help of local community leaders, to help Ukrainian refugees settle and integrate into their new life in the UK. The organisation aims to support all Ukrainians around in and around the town.

For more information on this or any of the events, visit www.wtm.uk

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