Credit Score

Would Legally Changing Your Name Affect Your Credit Score?

In the modern world, a good credit score is a key measure of success. This is because a high credit score means you’re considered a low-risk borrower, which can lead to better loan terms and even discounted rates on products and services. 

There are many people out there who would love to be able to wipe away their credit score and start over again. However, is this a good idea? 

The simple answer is “No”

There’s a lot of confusion around whether or not changing your name will affect your credit score. The simple answer is no – changing your name by deed poll will not wipe out your credit score. However, you should keep a few things in mind if you’re thinking of making the switch.

First, any existing credit agreements or contracts will remain valid after changing your name. Any loans or mortgages in your name will still be legally binding, even if you’ve changed your name on paper. It’s also important to remember that your credit score is based on several factors, including payment history and credit utilisation rate. So even if you change your name, it won’t automatically erase any negative marks on your record.

You need to inform your bank about the name update

When you change your name, you need to let your bank know. This is because your bank account is in your old name, and the name on your bank account needs to match the name on your passport or driving license.

There are a few ways for changing your name on your bank account. You can either fill out a form or call them. The process is usually quite simple and only takes a few minutes.

You’ll need to get a deed poll if you want to change your name on your bank accounts. This is a document that proves that you have changed your name. Once you have it, you can take it to your bank, and they will update all of your accounts with the new information.

What if you desired a name change to buy yourself some time?

If you’re looking to change your name to buy some time or escape a poor credit rating, you’re out of luck. Legally, you can change your name at any time using a deed poll. However, changing your name won’t help you avoid paying any debt or improve your credit score. Your creditors can still pursue you under your new name if you have any outstanding debts.

Don’t use a false name to avoid debt

If you’re considering applying for a credit card, loan, or other financial product using a name you have created for yourself using a deed poll, be aware that you may be guilty of fraud.

Changing your name is not illegal, but using a false name to obtain credit or other financial products can be. This is because you deliberately withhold information from the company you are dealing with.

If you are caught using a false name, the company may refuse to honour the agreement, and you could end up being sued by them. You could also find it difficult to get credit in the future if your details are flagged for being associated with the fraud.


Most people would love to be able to wipe out their credit score and start over, but is it possible to do it by simply changing their name? You can do this through a deed poll. It is important to note that changing your name will not erase your credit history. Your credit score will still reflect any negative marks on your credit report. 

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