Would we survive without a financial system?

“Money makes the world go round” is a common line. It is so common that it is used in both business and the music industry. What we are not sure of is the truth of this statement. Anyways, that is a topic for another day. What we want to look at today is, would we survive without a financial system? There are many different ways to make money one of them is by playing australian slots at any online casino and stand a chance to win big.

What is a finance system?

Investopedia defines finance system as a set of implemented procedures that track financial activities. This is a set of rules that govern the manner in which finances are handled. This is why we have budgets and the like. However, what would we be without those budgets? Would we be able to function better or would it be worse?

Without a financial system

Let us call a spade a spade and not the cousin of a shovel, without a financial system, the world would fall into chaos. Can you imagine all that money at the World Bank left unattended to? How much would nations borrow and not give back? Do not get me started on the trade industry it would totally crash. Nations would fall, and the rich would get richer while the poor get poorer.


Are these being just thoughts that one has while they play real money online casino games at south african casinos . When the mind is at ease and free to explore. Nevertheless, the question still stands, what if…?

What if…

However, there is another side to the story. What if we only took that we needed and not more. Such that even without the financial system we are still able to function. What if we were all on the same level and lived within our means? Would the world still fall into a dark abyss without financial systems? What if we only went to the World Bank and took that which was enough and not more? Moreover, those who traded charged fair prices, not exorbitant fees.

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