WRAP Brighton

WRAP launches in Brighton!

WRAP – a co-working office space with a state-of-the-art nursery and cafe, all under one roof – is coming to Brighton! The company is about transforming the way we work, rest and play by offering a space for people whose busy lives require a little more flexibility.

WRAP co-founder and parent, Ed Patey says: 

“The co-founders of WRAP are working parents with young children. Like many, we have loved the extra family time the past year has presented us with but we’d be lying if we said that we hadn’t struggled with school closures, interrupted zoom calls and trying to entertain a toddler whilst running a business!” 

As life returns to normal, WRAP aims to provide an alternative to the constant rushing back and fourth between lives, “having to leave one early but still arriving late at the next.”

The WRAP building features shared and private offices with meeting rooms and event space, perfect for contractors, freelancers, part-timers and flexi-workers. Downstairs there is a stylish café and state-of-the-art nursery and creative play centre, perfect for kids and working parents. The building is sustainably designed and centrally located.

WRAP Brighton

“We’ve always wanted to build a place where families can work, relax and play together, and the response to WRAP has been phenomenal! We recently ran a successful crowdfunding campaign where we raised over £320,000. 166 investors now own a piece of WRAP. We are getting daily enquiries for the workspace and nursery.”

WRAP opens its doors in June 2021 and you can reserve your co-working membership and/or nursery place now. Details of events, classes, booking information and our Wellness offering are all available online via wrap.space

Tours of the building can be arranged by calling 01273 359349.

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