Nammie Matthews gets invigorated at a Yin and Yang Sauna experience.

Yin and Yang Sauna at Brighton Beach Box – review

We bet you’ve never heard of a Loyly Master before, have you?

These masters of the sauna – hailing from Belgium – perform an energetic German style called ‘Aufguss’, so celebrated in the continent that they compete for recognition at the World Championships. For now though, they’re in Brighton – performing an intensely visceral and invigorating experience for those who visit them.

Now, I love a good sauna (sometimes a good sweat is all you really need to relieve yourself of the week’s sins, right?) but never before had I experienced one in which you enter and exit directly on to the beach. Changing rooms come in the shape of two horse boxes (the third being a smaller sauna – impressive), and then we wait outside, cucumber and lemon water freely available on tap. Hydration is important, I keep hearing. I soon find out why.

Our sauna experience is broken up into two halves: one to energise (with citrus oils), and the other to promote healthy breathing (with eucalyptus and rosemary), with a quick dip in the English Channel as a plunge pool encouraged in between. There’s salt scrubs and chest rubs involved – to exfoliate and encourage airway health respectively – plus fresh fruit and aromatherapy. But the main event here is indeed our LoylyMasters, who engage us with their graceful whirling of towels in calculated motions (not unlike a matador) which expertly and evenly distribute the hot steam around the sauna.

Nammie Matthews gets invigorated at a Yin and Yang Sauna experience.This experience gets extremely intense, and is certainly not for the faint hearted, yet the aromatherapy effect and natural surroundings are truly calming. I leave for the final time feeling like I’ve just come back from a long weekend in holiday. No wonder they’re at full capacity every week.

Lithuanian bathmaster, Birutė Lenktytė-Masiliauskienė will create a relaxing sauna using natural products, aromas, foods and leaf whisking to create a gentle and meditative space. Birutė’s approach is nurturing and conversational and she creates a softer heat whilst also taking time to explain every aspect of the experience. Guests are likely to leave feeling deeply relaxed and cared for, with any aches and pains a distant memory.

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