Your new favourite coffee shop on the block is pretty Dandy 

Your new favourite coffee shop has arrived in Brighton’s North Laines. In the midst of Sydney Street, you will find the quaint spot, Dandy, between The Flour Pot Bakery and We Love Falafel. Inside, the vibe is cozy and rustic as owners Rory and Holly want you to feel comfortable at their little haven.

They prioritise serving good coffee which is not intimidating or overcomplicated. The minimalism of Dandy allows the rush of Sydney Street beyond the large window to do the talking. You can take a seat on the stools by the window, or on the bench outside the store, and watch the world pass by with each sip of an Americano or iced latte.

The story of Rory wanting his own coffee shop sparked from a moment of spontaneity, when he applied to be a barista in 2014 in London, having no prior coffee experience. But it became an industry he fell in love with, later opening Brewshack Coffee in Hove. This first baby of Rory’s was a little coffee cart in BIMM carpark, before he became ready to open something just a bit bigger which came to be Dandy. 

Serving up Murmuration Coffee Co. and TeaPigs Tea, Dandy works with some well loved tastes. They have also been baking up their own in-house banana and nutella muffins, with more counter sandwiches and snacks to come. What’s more, a downstairs area is in the process of being refurbished so that there are more cozy corners within Dandy to explore. 

I asked Rory and Holly to tell us a little bit more. 

What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in working as a barista, or in coffee in general? 

It might sound obvious, but being incredibly passionate about coffee is an absolute must! The best barista’s are the coffee geeks. If you have the love for making coffee, it will never feel like a chore. 

And very importantly, making amazing coffee is all about keeping everything as clean as humanly possible.

What advice would you give to someone who also wants to open a coffee shop? 

Always strive to be the best, and have patience. Focus on creating a welcoming vibe, and look after every single customer as if they are your only customer. 

How do you intend to connect Dandy to the vibrant community and culture of Sydney Street? 

We are planning to launch some fun, in-store events for the local community – starting with a latte art throw-down which we hope will bring the Brighton coffee community together. The prize will be the Dandy Cup – which the winner can display in their coffee shop, until the next latte art competition!

What makes Dandy unique amongst competitors?

We hope to foster a vibe in our coffee shop that makes you feel like you’re in our living room. We want speciality coffee to feel accessible to everyone, and for anyone to walk into Dandy and feel at home. 

What is your go to coffee order? 

Chemex pour-over, or a flat white if I know it’s coming from a good coffee shop. I’m currently loving our Kenyan coffee, roasted by our amazing coffee supplier Dom from Murmurations Coffee Co. 

Are you hiring? 

Hopefully soon, so that we can catch up on some sleep!!

Follow Dandy on Instagram @dandycoffeebrighton

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